08.28.2013: Site News, Third Mirrior


– Because of many problems with Ryushare and Rapidgator ,

on your request Keep2Share is third mirrior.

Here you can request movies

*We are happy to inform you that we fixed the problem with posting comments,
now you can post comment with out problem.

– Also We have idea to add new category 2000 – 2010 Movies, what is your opinion ?
Do you want new movies released after 2 000 year ?
Any suggestion and advice are welcome.


6 thoughts on “08.28.2013: Site News, Third Mirrior”

  1. Sounds good, must try K2S later, RG and Ryu were major disappointments. There was a lot of “server errors”.
    It was not only this site, but also a few other sites.

    Good idea also try 2000 – 2010 movies.

  2. sure 2000 up, need Hairy/natural. eg. Horny Hairy Girls–rodney moore, Hairy Honies, AtK natural and Hairy etc. (keeps with the “classic vibe”)

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