Adolescenti vogliose (1986)

Alternate Titles:
Adoloscentes para satiros
La Debauche infernale
Deep Opening
The Perverse Woman
Studio de plaisirs
Director: Pierre B. Reinhard


Marilyn Jess as M. Jess (in Italian video), plays a guest model
Marina Hedman as Marina Lotar (on cover of in Italian video release) plays Madame Lawson (or Myriam Marlow depending on version)
Michelle Davy as Barbara Citron, plays Monika
Véronique Lemon plays Brigitte, the maid
André Kay (as A. Kay in Italian release) plays Julien
Alban Ceray, uncredited, plays Monsieur Lawson (or Gustave Marlowe, depending on version)
Gil Lagardère (Dominique Saint Clair), uncredited, plays Louis Dupin, Monsieur Lawson’s (Marlow’s) secretary
unidentified male plays Georges, the valet
Jacques Marbeuf plays the man in the stairway, non-sex

Language: Italian and German





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