Allure (1996)


Jim Enright

Alexandra Silk
Lexi Erickson
Sindee Coxx
Stacy Valentine

Alex Sanders
Jonathan Morgan
Mickey G.

Scene Breakdowns:
Scene 1. Stacy Valentine, Alex Sanders
Scene 2. Sindee Coxx, Jonathan Morgan
Scene 3. Sindee Coxx, Stacy Valentine
Scene 4. Alexandra Silk, Alex Sanders, Mickey G.
Scene 5. Lexi Erickson, Mickey G.

“Once upon a time, Alex Sanders and Stacey Valentine were the hottest cat burglar team going. There was no job too tough for them, and no act too nefarious. And their relationship wasn’t purely professional either, as we learn in a series of sexy flashback scenes including some torrid back-door action. But nowadays, Alex is a high-paid security consultant, and Stacey is still in the life, making them deadly adversaries. Stacey’s got her sights set on the priceless Allure Diamond, while Alex has his set on the curvy forms of the blonde and brunette crime-fighters around him. When Stacey finally makes her move, Sindee Coxx distracts a museum security guard with a mesmerizing boff session while Alexandra Silk ties up Alex and Micky G. in a wild d.p. A great caper film with unforgettable performances by Stacey, Sindee and the delectable Ms. Silk.”



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