Amanda’s Diary 3 (1999)


Year: 1999
Genre: Feature, Foreign, Straight
Duration: 1:33:37

Directed by: John Millerman

Starring: Edina Blond (aka Carmen), Sheila Rossi (aka Csilla), Liza, Yvette (aka Sharon, Shanon Stone).

Description: The Secret Letters From Eva
Do not miss the new sexual adventures of our young female students. They just love sex, and experiment with it. These are young girls who do not hesitate in “opening” their way through the business world by using their “charm”. New girls, new bodies, and new tongues, capable of lifting anyone’s “morale” in this issue of private’s sexual diary.

Scene 1 Edina Blond, Sheila Rossi
Scene 2 Edina Blond
Scene 3 Edina Blond, Liza, Yvette
Scene 4 Edina Blond



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