Amazing Tails 3 (1987)


A movie set is the location of a rather unusual DRESS REHEARSAL. Massively endowed makeup girl Trinity Loren takes a passionate powder from a horny movies star who never yells cut. Then, Tony Montana and Tom Byron drop their pants and say ahh for a hot HEAD NURSE. Next, Buffy Davis and Natasha Skier experience a night of lesbian PASSION in front of a raging fire. And finally, Chris Reed takes a delicious dip with the HOT TUB LADIES. These gals go for the gusto (and a whole lot more!) in a session of amorous aquatic acts that’s sure to get your bubbling.

Director: Sam Francisco
Minutes: 70

* Buffy Davis
* Natasha Skyler (as Natasha Skier)
* Regine Bardot
* Tami White
* Trinity Loren

* Chris Reed
* Marc Wallice
* Tom Byron
* Tony Montana

Scene Breakdowns
* Scene 1. Trinity Loren, Marc Wallice
* Scene 2. Tom Byron, Tony Montana, Tami White
* Scene 3. Buffy Davis, Natasha Skyler
* Scene 4. Buffy Davis, Chris Reed, Natasha Skyler, Regine Bardot




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