Anal Planet (1994)

She’s a Venus on a mission to Mars. Scotty Fox has a rocket in his pocket for the celestial body of Dyanna Lauren! And he is all over Uranus in Anal Planet! With Nicole London, Maeva, Beatrice Valle, and sexy Barbara Doll!! The nastiest Earthlings in porn, all doing that black hole thing!

Scotty Fox

Barbara Doll [Anal Facial]
Beatrice Valle [Anal]
Dyanna Lauren [Anal Facial]
Maeva [Anal]
Nicole London [Anal]

Brad Armstrong
J. B. [NonSex]
Jonathan Morgan
Micky Ray

Scene Breakdowns:
Scene 1. Nicole London, Jonathan Morgan
Scene 2. Dyanna Lauren, Brad Armstrong
Scene 3. Barbara Doll, Micky Ray
Scene 4. Dyanna Lauren, Nicole London
Scene 5. Beatrice Valle, Maeva, Jonathan Morgan





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