Backdoor Romance (1985)


In this classic from 1985, Sheri St. Clair plays a sex-crazed peeping tom girl who is given an anal sex magazine by her husband and is now dying for some sexual release. Somehow, she manages to witness numerous hardcore sex acts from secret hiding places for an entire day. She sees threesomes with 2 men and with 2 women, double penetration, and loads and loads of cum.
Finally, she gets so hot that she needs release and she finds Buck Adams and Billy Dee. They fuck her and give her double penetration, bringing her quickly to fruition. What had originally grossed her out now totally arouses her and Backdoor Romance is now her thing.
Some of the biggest stars of porn’s classic era appear in this film including John Holmes, Blair Harris, Mandy Rae and many more

James Sphincter

Connie Peterson [Anal]
Crystal Lovin [Anal DP]
Fawn Paris [IR]
Kimberly Carson
Lili Marlene [Anal Facial A2M]
Linda Shaw [NonSex]
Mindy Rae
Nicole West
Sheri St. Clair [Anal DP IR]
Yoko Wong [Anal]

Billy Dee
Blair Harris
Buck Adams
Dan T. Mann
John Holmes
Jon Martin
Marc Wallice
Paul Thomas
Tom Byron

Scene Breakdowns
Scene 1. Lili Marlene, John Holmes, Jon Martin
Scene 2. Sheri St. Clair
Scene 3. Crystal Lovin, Marc Wallice, Paul Thomas
Scene 4. Yoko Wong, Dan T. Mann
Scene 5. Nicole West, Blair Harris
Scene 6. Fawn Paris, Mindy Rae
Scene 7. Fawn Paris, Billy Dee, Buck Adams
Scene 8. Lili Marlene
Scene 9. Lili Marlene, Blair Harris
Scene 10. Connie Peterson, Paul Thomas
Scene 11. Lili Marlene, Marc Wallice, Tom Byron
Scene 12. Sheri St. Clair, Billy Dee, Buck Adams




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