Barbara Dare’s Surf Sand And Sex (1987)

Loaded front to back with a beautiful energetic youthful cast, lots of oily tanned bodies, plenty of sunshine, and a few hilarious moments, Barbara Dare’s Surf Sand And Sex is one of those films that makes a person nostalgic for the porn movies of the 1980’s. The plot, about a mysterious aphrodisiac, has been done before in countless other adult films, but rarely with as much flair and panache as is displayed here.

Robert McCallum


Alexa Parks
Barbara Dare
Alicia Monet (as Hollywood)
Lauryl Canyon [Facial]
Tami White


Dan T. Mann
Derek Lane
Scott Irish
Tom Byron

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Lauryl Canyon, Tom Byron
Scene 2. Alexa Parks, Barbara Dare, Alicia Monet, Keisha, Tami White
Scene 3. Keisha, Tami White, Scott Irish
Scene 4. Alexa Parks, Dan T. Mann
Scene 5. Barbara Dare, Derek Lane
Scene 6. Alicia Monet, Lauryl Canyon, Tami White, Dan T. Mann, Derek Lane, Scott Irish, Tom Byron



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