Beyond DeSade (1979)

This is the sister short to Never A Tender Moment. Both were filmed in front of a live audience at the O’Farrell Theater in 1979 by Cinema 7 and originally only available by mail order. As far as I know these two shorts are the only visual evidence of Marilyn’s legendary late-1970s live shows. Both were first released on 8mm or 16mm and later on VHS. Neither has ever been released on DVD and probably never will be due to their extreme nature. This one shows Marilyn being fisted by Tana Robinson and then having five enormous anal-beads shoved up her arse. It has to be seen to be believed! How the hell did she manage it?

In one of her final interviews Marilyn recalled: “I did a bunch of really hot, very sexy shows. Actual sex shows, with other women… no men involved. I mean like five balls up my butt… For that era it was outrageous. We had people lined up for blocks.”

Marilyn’s shows at the O’Farrell ended in 1985 when she was dragged naked off the stage by police. She was booked for investigation of soliciting prostitution and engagement of lewd conduct in a public place after letting over 20 members of the audience finger her and fondle her breasts.

Marilyn insisted the show had nothing to do with prostitution. “These people have been my fans for years and it’s a thrill for them to touch me up close. There’s nothing illegal if I’m not taking money!”

Marilyn spent five hours in San Francisco City Prison before being bailed – although her release was apparently delayed because so many police officers wanted to pose for photographs with her! The case was eventually dropped.





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