Big Thing (1973)

Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 1973
Distributor: Something Weird Video
Director: Peter Higgins

Starring: Andrea True, Jill Pettington, Teresa Bismark, Tina Russell, Jason Russell, Levi Richards, Marc Stevens

Description: The size of Marc Stevens’ Big Thing is obviously the inspiration for the title, but a good alternate moniker for this sextravaganza might have been “Hardcore Galore,” for the action here is virtually non-stop.
In a modest bit of type-casting, Tina Russell plays the nymphomaniac wife of a philandering husband — the perfect marriage, after all! These two are continuously, and rabidly, unfaithful to each other. Which is all you’re gonna get in the way of a plot — and all you need.
Tina, early in her all-too-short career, is vivacious and vixenish as the insatiable wife who wolfs down orgy playmate Stevens’ big thing without gagging — even as she takes other things, big and small, in whatever orifice happens to be available. She actually seems to be having a grand old time fucking and sucking and there’s a very funny moment when Tina and her hubby are at last in bed together after their Long Day’s Orgy Into Night and he stammers suspiciously, “How come your lips are hot?” Oboy!




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