Bizarre Begierden (1981)

Alternate Titles:
* Bizarre Marilyn
* Le Cauchemar de Manuela
* Le Choc des stars on-screen video re-issue title, preceding original title, therefore maybe a series name
* Chocs des stars video re-issue box title, possibly a series name
* Godimenti bestiali di una signora per bene Italy
* M?lodie pour Manuella
* The Nightmares of Manuella

* Anna Ordinis
* Catherine Ringer plays the mistress
* Cathy Stewart as Cathy Grener, plays Manuella’s sister, Nathalie
* Marilyn Jess as Dominique Roye (or Royes depending on the version), plays a secretary
* Mika Barthel plays Fabienne, a secretary
* Nathalie Perrey non-sex
* Olinka Hardiman as Olinka Zlotsky (in one version anyway), plays Manuela

* Gabriel Pontello (as Pierre Mercier?) plays Jean-Pierre
* Marc Winandy plays Nathalie’s murderer
* Guilhem Causse plays Henri Piotr Stanislas (uncredited) appears in the nightmare orgy scenes
* Jacques Marbeuf plays the accountant, M. Gautier
* Andr? Kay (uncredited) appears in the nightmare orgy scenes
* Guy Berardan plays Patrick
* John Oury plays the chauffeur




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