Bourgeoises Mais Perverses (1989)

Bourgeoises mais … Perverses!
picJeunes femelles soumises mais perverses
Jeunes femelles soumises mais salopes
Der Millionen-Fick
Sex Academy 69
Sex Akademie

Cast: Isa Dery, Jessica Stehl, Marilyn Jess, Melissa Bonsardo, Tina Loren, Claude Ordi, John Douglas, Paul Mirot

Mme Labeque runs a small escort-service in Paris. Among her customers are not only trained craftsmen, she even manages to introduce some of her ‘gazelles’ (Marylin Chambers among others) to the managerial levels of a big conglomerate. When the Directeur Général loses his contenance during an interview and treats one of the girls a bit roughly on the bonnet of a car, Madame is present with her camera at the ready to document the wild proceedings. She earns herself a tidy sum for handing over the negatives.



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