Breast Worx 30 (1992)

Year: 1992
Country: USA
Genre: All Sex
Duration: 1:03:15
Language English

Directed by: Bobby Hollander
Studio: L.B.O. Entertainment

Starring: Actresses:
Cherry Lawson
Kitten Natividad [Facial]
Patty Plenty [Facial]
Derek Rice
Dick Nasty
Harry Fonder

Description: Vol. 30 features a classic matchup with Patty Plenty and Kitten Natividad taking on Derek Rice “the human python.” Rice definitely carries some bone and his dick stretches out like an accordion bellows. Plenty’s tits are immense and it looks like she’s carrying thunder in her jugs. However, my recommends goes to the finale which features Dick Nasty taking on a masked blonde. For some reason, I rate this one as one of the best boy-girl fucks I’ve seen all year. Maybe it’s the way Nasty tears into her asshole, sucks her feet and eats her snatch. I can not put it more delicately than that. Get this volume. It’s a classic.





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