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After 2 years using Ryushare, we are sorry but we will stop using Ryushare.
They have big problems with their servers and law.
We are receiving every day’s complaint for broken links, premium accounts problem..
More than 4 months they do not allow US visitors to buy premium accounts.
Before 3 days, Ryushare from our account removed 3 terabytes files, and we received many emails
for dead links, we are sorry but it is not our responsibility.

Third mirrior is , you can check it. Please register free account under my referral.
Our advice to all visitors, in this moment Keep2share is the most stable filehost,
it is good choice for premium account.

08.28.2013: Site News, Third Mirrior


– Because of many problems with Ryushare and Rapidgator ,

on your request Keep2Share is third mirrior.

Here you can request movies

*We are happy to inform you that we fixed the problem with posting comments,
now you can post comment with out problem.

– Also We have idea to add new category 2000 – 2010 Movies, what is your opinion ?
Do you want new movies released after 2 000 year ?
Any suggestion and advice are welcome.