China De Sade (1977)

China de Sade (aka Sadisme oriental) (1977)

Carlos DeSantos

Jewell Bryght
Paula Wain
Kristine Heller
Linda Wong
Tracy O’Neil

Jon Martin
Blair Harris
Mark Anthony
Peter Johns

NonSex Performers:
Dale Meador
Richard Strong

Scene Breakdowns:
Scene 1. Paula Wain, Linda Wong, Blair Harris
Scene 2. Tracy O’Neil, Peter Johns
Scene 3. Paula Wain, Linda Wong, Tracy O’Neil, Blair Harris
Scene 4. Jewell Bryght, Mark Anthony
Scene 5. Paula Wain, Tracy O’Neil, Blair Harris
Scene 6. Jewell Bryght, Kristine Heller, Linda Wong
Scene 7. Linda Wong, Jon Martin
Scene 8. Linda Wong, Jon Martin
Scene 9. Kristine Heller, Mark Anthony
Scene 10. Jewell Bryght, Jon Martin

China De Sade is the story of Ming Lee, a luscious ex-red Chinese spy, who falls into the company of a cruel Green Beret commander, Colonel Krieg, while on assignment in Vietnam, and then defects to the United States. In the United States, Krieg and Ming Lee are sought by war-hero and killer-for-hire, Lieutenant Philip Weyland, now in the employ of a super secret government agency. Weyland infiltrates Krieg’s lair in an attempt to kill Krieg and capture Ming Lee and becomes involved in a series of bizarre sexual encounters with Ming Lee and the other freakish characters who people Krieg’s world. Each of these encounters pushes the limits of Weyland’s lust further and further into forbidden regions…toward madness…irresistibly toward a shocking end which reveals secrets about Ming Lee that are totally unsuspected



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  1. Big thanks for adding this rare one of Linda here.
    Curious about the image quality compared to the ones I found elsewhere.

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