Sunset Software – Classic Striptease and Glamour Films Volume 1 (1981)

Stars: Suzie, Sissy Roscoe

Spectacular figure models from the 60’s opening with SUZIE, one of the shapeliest Big Busts we’ve ever seen. Also offers the chocolate perfection of SISSY ROSCOE, a charming brunette nude bed roller, a great Scandinavian blonde and a delicious duo of shapely darlings stripping each other bare!!



2 thoughts on “Sunset Software – Classic Striptease and Glamour Films Volume 1 (1981)”

  1. Thanks for posting all these Classic Striptease loops. Some really great collections here! I have many pictures of some of the models featured in these films, it’s nice to see them animated and squirming around!

  2. Big fan, have some great older loops & vids. Lee Germaine & Michelle Angelo are 2 of the great beauties on the earth. Do either have a legitament fan club adress? I sent a fan letter to Michelle a whie ago, that was listed,came back. I would love to send a message to both af those great gals.

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