Cocktail Special (1978)

Year: 1978
Genre: Classic, Hardcore, Piss
Duration: 1:11:31

Directed by: Jesus Franco as Clifford Brown
Studio: Comptoir Français du Film Production (CFFP)

Cast: Aida Vargas
Carole David plays Martine de Bressac
Karine Gambier
Nicole Velna as Nicole Velma
Touaxa Beni plays Eugynie

Description: The Film was also released in Germany with the title “Feuchte Lippen” and has a very good synchronization. This film is a great 70’s porn flick, entertaining and tasteless, including incest and pissing- scenes. It’s the story of a virgin who gets private sex-party circles of a pervert woman, who also has a relationship with the virgins father. At a bizarre sex-party, she tries to arrange the defloration of the virgin by her own father … thats a story !! The original name (“Cocktail speciale”) comes from a scene where some party guests mix a cocktail just with their own body-fluids … no comment!





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