College Corruption (1970)


Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 1970
Distributor: Something Weird Video
Director: Unknown

Starring: Lynn Harris…

Description: Debbie is a virginal college freshman who’s “not too hip on sex.” She’d rather spend her time studying than screwing. Her roommate, Fran, is the complete opposite: a sexual pincushion who seems to have taken an advanced course in boning and moaning. She and her boy-toy, Bill, have sweaty dorm-room sex.
Bill tells his buddy, Wayne, that he wants to get into Debbie’s pants. Wayne gets horizontal with a spaced-out redhead and Bill comes by with Sally and Ann, all of which leads to an orgy.
Here’s where it gets good (or sleazy, depending on your taste). Goody-two-shoes Debbie is about to get a taste of College Corruption when she’s visited by the female dean (played by the older redhead from Caged Women). The dean turns out to be a pervert, and grabs a fistful of Deb’s tit. Debbie screams, “No!” but the dean threatens to have her expelled. Reluctantly, Debbie gives into the dyke’s demands and is forced to give the saucy redhead a nude rubdown. Then she gets her face shoved into the teacher’s thick greasy hole. “What a way to make the grade,” weeps Debbie after dining on hair pie.
Bill strolls in and finds Debbie naked and sobbing. “That old bitch!” he says before giving Debbie a crash-course in male anatomy. Debbie winds up getting a hosing from the sleazebag. But, hey, it was the only thing Bill could do. He had to save Debbie from the jaws of lesbianism!




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