Colon Cuties (1993)


Your favorite stars going hot and hard into the back door!
The anal action is mean and dirty – these babes know what you like!

Alicia Rio
Bridgette Aime,
Chelly Supreme,
Debi Diamond,
Nikki Sinn,
Sahara Sands,

Alex Sanders,
Cal Jammer,
Jake Williams,
Jonathon Morgan,
T T Boy

Scene 1: Alicia Rio, John
Scene 2: Valeria, T T Boy
Scene 3: Nikki Sinn, Jake Williams
Scene 4: Chelly Supreme, Cal Jammer
Scene 5: Debi Diamond, Alex Sanders (excellent scene!!)
Scene 6: Nikki Sinn, Alex Sanders
Scene 7: Sahara Sands, Jake Williams
Scene 8: Bridgette Aime, Jonathon Morgan
Scene 9: Nikki Sinn, Jake Williams



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