Come Deadly (1974)

Kristine Heller
Cindy Johnson
Kirt Jones
June Medusa
Peter Puluva
Sharon Sharalik
Hoss Slocum
Mel Vickson

Scooby Doo fans ought to be delighted with the feature film Come Deadly, a modestly creepy porno whodunit with a dash of Phantom of the Opera seasoning.
A group of young thespians practice for a production of Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew. Meanwhile, in the loft above the theater, a guy in a wide-brimmed hat with a nylon stocking over his face attacks one of the actresses.
In the hopes of getting to the bottom of this and other recent attacks, a police detective goes undercover as an actor in the company. He quickly befriends his two leading ladies and winds up pumping each for information and a whole lot more. The backstage stalker, however, continues his reign of terror by plowing one of the two ingénues.
Determined to stop his faceless nemesis, the gumshoe lays a trap, luring the phantom into the open with a bit of enticing jailbait (namely, Nina Fause). In the spirit of all good drawing room mysteries, the identity of the killer is finally revealed and the story comes to a happy conclusion (with our hero shaking his speare up the skirt of his new gal pal).




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