Concept 2 (1991)

Also Known As
Addicted to Love 2 (German version)
Concept 2 by Salieri
Concepts Italien 2 (French version)

Mario Salieri

Fabienne Dumont [Anal Facial]
Gabriella Mirelba (as Gloria Rinaldi) [Facial]
Joy Karin’s [Anal Facial]
Magdalena Lynn [NonSex]
Carol Tennesy (as Miss Francia 1985) [Anal Facial]
Sofia Randovic [Facial]

Don Fernando
Mario De Sica
Rally van Kamp (as Rally Van Essen)
Roberto Malone (as Robert Malone)

Scene Breakdowns:
Scene 1. Carol Tennesy, Don Fernando
Scene 2. Joy Karin’s, Rally van Kamp
Scene 3. Sofia Randovic, Mario De Sica
Scene 4. Fabienne Dumont, Don Fernando, Roberto Malone
Scene 5. Joy Karin’s, Sofia Randovic, Mario De Sica
Scene 6. Carol Tennesy, Rally van Kamp
Scene 7. Fabienne Dumont, Gabriella Mirelba, Don Fernando





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