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    Diamond Collection 8 (1980)

    * D 190 Peeping Tom
    (uwf, Don Fernando)
    * D 271 Western Fox
    (Linda Shaw, Herschel Savage)
    * D 273 Bicycle Seat (unknown)
    * D 295 Fine tuning
    (Stacey Donovan w/ Peter North)
    * D 148 Lady In Red
    (uwf, Jesse Adams)
    * Velvet Touch
    (Heather Wayne, uwm)
    * Helllloo Baaaby! (unknown)

    A Classic Blast From the Past
    …When women had real bushes and men had dicks the size of cucumbers! From the days of yesteryear when porn first began, and housewives seeking a thrill flocked to the Valley to be in movies. These chosen few were the first true “no experience necessary” amaterus.





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