Dirty Susan (1977)


This one has McCord on the trail of a mysterious girl named Susan that seems to come and go through people’s lives when they are having sexual problems. It just so happens that this “Susan” is the same girl who ended up in McCord’s bed that very morning. As McCord gets to interviewing witnesses about this strange girl – we find that she’s a sort of ethereal sex-therapist that finds people in need of sexual help, and is more than “helpful”. We hear stories of a couple who Susan advises to have the wife bone her brother to fix the problem! And another girl who needs help with her first lesbian experience. McCord realizes that Susan doesn’t want to be found, and gives up the search, suggesting that all of those “touched” by Susan’s helping… uh… hand – get together for an orgy. Sounds like a good idea to me….

Erica Havens
Georgette Saunders
Kasey Rodgers [Facial]
Marcia Minor

Ashley Moore
Roger Caine
Russ Carlson

Scene 1: Georgette Saunders, Roger Caine
Scene 2: Kasey Rodgers, Russ Carlson
Scene 3: Ashley Moore, Kasey Rodgers
Scene 4: Georgette Saunders, Russ Carlson
Scene 5: Erica Havens, Marcia Minor
Scene 6: Marcia Minor, Roger Caine
Scene 7: Ashley Moore, Erica Havens, Russ Carlson





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