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    Dirty Woman 2: We Love You to Death (1989)

    Dirty Woman 2: We Love You to Death (1989)

    Released: 1989
    Director: Mario D’Angelo, Sascha Alexander
    Notes: also features Sarah Young and Linzi Drew (bgafd), DVD Mike Hunter MHI 011
    Alternate Titles

    * Dirty Woman Vol. 2 DVD available Team Video Plus, Denmark


    * Cheryl bordello scene, as?
    * Claudine St. Jacques bordello scene, as?
    * Diana Klara
    * Irma
    * Katie Lear bordello scene, as Katty
    * Katina
    * Laura Valérie as Laura Valery, plays Claudine, brief, non-sex
    * Paola bordello scene
    * Sandrine van Herpe plays Valerie
    * Sibylle Rauch plays Stella
    * Valerie Leroux plays a policewoman, brief, non-sex
    * XNK1894 bordello scene


    Dirty Woman 1 and 2 were released as one film in some countries and have the same credits.

    Males –

    * Gabriel Pontello plays Robert
    * Alban Ceray plays the butler
    * Christophe Clark (as Christoph Clark) plays Christian
    * Roberto Malone (as Robert Malone) plays Milan
    * Yves Baillat plays Serge
    * Mauro Cagnina, brief, non-sex, plays a policeman



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