Do You Wanna Be Loved (1975)


B.A. Smith

* Angela Haze [BJOnly]
* Anita Sands
* Desiree West
* Joanna Smith (as Jo Anne Smith) [BJOnly Facial]
* Kristine Heller
* Paula Wain (as Leah Grant)
* Sharon Culp (as Nancy Paige) [Anal Shaved]
* Rene Bond [Facial]

* Carl Regal [BJOnly]
* Joey Silvera (as Joey Nassivera)
* Ken Scudder (as Ken Cotton)
* Lou Behr [BJOnly]
* Mick Jones
* Paul Thomas (as Paul Tanner) [NonSex]
* Ray Wells
* Tyler Reynolds (as Tyler Horne)

Scene Breakdowns:
* Scene 1. Rene Bond, Lou Behr
* Scene 2. Paula Wain, Sharon Culp
* Scene 3. Anita Sands, Joey Silvera
* Scene 4. Joanna Smith, Paula Wain, Sharon Culp, Tyler Reynolds
* Scene 5. Anita Sands, Rene Bond, Joey Silvera
* Scene 6. Anita Sands, Rene Bond
* Scene 7. Joanna Smith, Joey Silvera
* Scene 8. Paula Wain, Tyler Reynolds
* Scene 9. Angela Haze, Carl Regal, Joey Silvera, Ken Scudder, Tyler Reynolds
* Scene 10. Anita Sands, Ray Wells
* Scene 11. Angela Haze, Carl Regal
* Scene 12. Kristine Heller, Joey Silvera
* Scene 13. Desiree West, Mick Jones
* Scene 14. Rene Bond, Carl Regal, Joey Silvera, Ken Scudder, Ray Wells, Tyler Reynolds

Marriage changes Melanie. She goes from a frisky sex kitten, into a tigress who hungers for cock all the time. When her workaholic husband can no longer keep it up and satisfy her she decides to make it happen for herself. She takes off for a mountain resort known for its studs and hard cocks. Melanie wastes no time in sampling all the meat in every way possible. She is determined to suck and fuck her way into total fulfillment! And she does just that.




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