Eternal Desire (1998)



Starring: Anita Blond, Lea Martini, Ursula Moore, Erika Bella, Henrietta, Reinhard, Frank Mallone, Gabriella Bucci, Karime, Julia Teodora, Philippe Dean

A Film Destined To Become A Classic
The Immortal Legend Goes On! ..From a planet many light year away from us, immortals -The High-Landers – arrive on Earth where they live a life of unbridled sex.. One fine day their chief recalls them … Full Descriptionto their own planet where be admonishes them for their lecherous way of life and reminds them that only one of them is immortal, the sole of survivor of a series of duels: one couple rebels against this edict and.. Superb special effects, for the first time on any screen! A film that will remain in the anals of the cinema for eternity !




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