Extreme Passion (1993)


Lock & Load, With Summer Knight.  Summer Knight is hot on your tail. And before you can say “Peter Gunn” you’ll be hot on hers. She plays a rookie P.I. Who’s got a way of getting herself in the thick of things; which works, since it’s such a pleasure to watch her handle herself…in a manner of speaking. Anyway, when she busts a case wide open, lots of things open wide; you can bet you badge on that. Extreme Passion. It’s Extreme Entertainment.

* Lacy Rose [Facial]
* Nina Hartley
* Rebecca Bardoux
* Summer Knight [Facial]
* Valeria [Facial]

* Alex Sanders
* J.P. Anthony
* Nick Rage
* Sunny Ray
* Todd Alexander
* Tom Byron

Scene Breakdowns
* Scene 1. J.P. Anthony, Valeria
* Scene 2. Alex Sanders, Rebecca Bardoux
* Scene 3. Lacy Rose, Sunny Ray, Tom Byron
* Scene 4. Nina Hartley, Summer Knight
* Scene 5. Todd Alexander, Lacy Rose
* Scene 6. Nick Rage, Summer Knight
* Scene 7. Nick Rage, Summer Knight
* Scene 8. Alex Sanders, Nina Hartley, Rebecca Bardoux




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