Extremes (1981)


Alan Vydra

* Brooke West
* Holly Page
* Jesie St. James
* Kandi Barbour [Facial]
* Kitty Shayne
* Lisa Sue Corey
* Serena
* Sharon Kane
* Susan Nero
* Tawny Pearl

* Aaron Stuart
* David Morris
* Eric Edwards
* Joey Silvera
* John Leslie
* Johnny Hardin

Scene Breakdowns:
* Scene 1. Tawny Pearl, Eric Edwards
* Scene 2. Lisa Sue Corey, Eric Edwards
* Scene 3. Kandi Barbour
* Scene 4. Lisa Sue Corey, Eric Edwards
* Scene 5. Kandi Barbour, Joey Silvera
* Scene 6. Kitty Shayne, Aaron Stuart
* Scene 7. Holly Page, Joey Silvera
* Scene 8. Brooke West, David Morris
* Scene 9. Sharon Kane, Joey Silvera
* Scene 10. Sharon Kane, Eric Edwards
* Scene 11. Serena, Joey Silvera
* Scene 12. Serena, Eric Edwards
* Scene 13. Susan Nero, Johnny Hardin
* Scene 14. brun, Eric Edwards, Joey Silvera
* Scene 15. brun, black_guy
* Scene 16. Jesie St. James, Johnny Hardin
* Scene 17. Kandi Barbour, Joey Silvera
* Scene 18. Lisa Sue Corey, Eric Edwards

A kaleidoscopic trek through the far reaches of erotic excess, Extremes is one of the most unique and original sex films of the early 80s. John Leslie and Joey Silvera star as a pair of sex-starved buddies who have somehow taken possession of $100,000 and slick roadster that happens to be able to fly! The flick follow the guys on a quick-cutting series of erotic adventures as they travel the world in search of salacious sweeties. They pretend to be film producers, seducing youthful beauties with tales of starry nights and Hollywood heat. One after another, a selection of scrumptious sirens sashay their way into the guys’ hearts – and beds. From sultry sessions in San Francisco to wild fetish bars in Hamburg, the guys go anywhere and everywhere that their lusty libido take them. They end up in the clinch with some of the sexiest women in early 80s porn, including busty beauty Sue Nero and the always delectable Serena.




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