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    Face Sitter 1 (1992)


    Starring: Kelly O’Dell, Sierra, Lacy Rose, Kelly O’Dell, Mickala, TT Boy, Jonathan Morgan, Marc Wallice.

    Someday there’ll be a 12-step program for everything. Even facesitting. And if you’re Kelly O’Dell, that day is now. Join director Jim Enright on an obsessive, compulsive excursion into facesitting, where you “do it” until you get. Unless your the viewer. Then you never quite get over it. Now watch this tape. Then sit on a happy face./ In FaceSitter, the smash hit of last season, we introduces you to the gentle but persuasive art of facesitting, Kelly O’Dell showed you just how to sit and where, for maximum comfort and awesome sensation. How can you top Kelly O’Dell? In a word, Tabatha. The hot French sensation that’s blowing adult apart. Watch Facesitter 2. Video worth sitting ovation.




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