Filles de luxe (1981)


Michel Barny

Cathy Stewart
Christine Black
Claudia van Statt
Marianne Aubert

Dominique Aveline
Gabriel Pontello
Guy Royer
Jean Laroche

Cathy Stewart runs a brothel in that basement apartment [with pinball machines] that featured in almost as many early-80s French porn films as she did. Her working girls sit waiting round while one of them takes on the latest client. Jean Laroche is satisfied with Marianne’s panties. Christine takes on Guy Royer, but Gabriel Pontello is favoured with the madam herself. Dominique Aveline avails himself of the services of Claudia. Gabriel then has a mock schoolroom scene with Marianne including anal. Claudia has to call in reinforcements in the shape of Christine to help out with Dominique Aveline. Finally there is a brief orgy in the sitting room with Gabriel, Dominique and all four girls. Very straightforward for a French film of the period.



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