Fireball (1988)

Language English

Directed by: Mark Curtis

Starring: Actresses:
Cara Lott [IR]
Dana Lynn [IR]
Ebony Ayes [IR]
Nikki Knight [IR]
Billy Dee
Frank James
Jon Dough
Ray Victory
Description: Fireball is a four-wall city of sweaty close-up sex.

But that’s what we’ve come to expect from producer Mark Curtis, who specializes in the kind of feature that harkens back to the good – or bad, depending on how you look at it – days of loops.

The spare story involves a “club” called Sugar Mama’s, where girls strip for patrons. You know this is a low-budget video when only a handful of gals perform here, and only a couple of guys watch them. Fireball could have been bettered by some innovative strip sequences. Here, the performers appear to be going through the motions. And they’re not very erotic ones, either.

The sexual stuff is plentiful and close-up filled, but it could be a lot hotter. I do not know about you but girls with bleached streaks in their hair, tattoos, overweight guys, and droopy mams are not my idea of a great time.

Extras. Info: Scene Breakdowns:

Scene 1. Ebony Ayes, Frank James
Scene 2. Nikki Knight, Ray Victory
Scene 3. Dana Lynn, Jon Dough
Scene 4. Cara Lott, Dana Lynn, Billy Dee
Scene 5. Nikki Knight, Ray Victory
Scene 6. Cara Lott, Jon Dough
Scene 7. Dana Lynn, Frank James
Scene 8. Ebony Ayes, Billy Dee



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