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    Flesh Gordon (1974)

    Year: 1974
    Country: USA
    Genre: Erotic / Comedy
    Length: 1:29:45
    Language: German / English

    Directed by: Michael Benveniste & Howard Ziehm

    Flesh Gordon Description: “In this outrageous spoof of sci-fi films, Earth is thrown into carnal chaos by a mysterious sex ray emanating from outer space. Flesh Gordon, Dale Ardor, and their new found friend Dr. Jerkoff, must travel to the planet Porno to save the Earth from certain devastation by the mad Emperor Wang.”


    Candy Samples
    Hillary Summers (as Judy Ziehm)
    Maria Arnold (as Maria Aronoff)
    Mycle Brandy
    Nora Wieternik
    Rene Bond
    Sally Alt
    Susan Moore
    Suzanne Fields


    Jason Williams
    John Hoyt [NonSex]
    Joseph Hudgins
    Lance Larsen
    Howard Ziehm (as Linus Gator)
    Rick Lutze
    Steve Grummette
    William Hunt



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