Flip Chicks (1973)

Also Known As
Burning Desires

John Christopher

* Darby Lloyd Rains (as Darby Lloyd Raines) [Facial]
* Georgina Spelvin [Anal DP]
* Cindy West (as Linda Terry) [Facial]

* Jeffrey Hurst (as Jeffery Hurst)
* Ashley Moore (as Jim Rausch)
* Marc Stevens

Scene Breakdowns:
* Scene 1. Cindy West, Jeffrey Hurst
* Scene 2. Darby Lloyd Rains, Marc Stevens
* Scene 3. Darby Lloyd Rains, Cindy West, Marc Stevens
* Scene 4. Darby Lloyd Rains, Georgina Spelvin
* Scene 5. Cindy West, Marc Stevens
* Scene 6. Georgina Spelvin, Ashley Moore, Marc Stevens
* Scene 7. Darby Lloyd Rains, Cindy West
* Scene 8. Cindy West
* Scene 9. Darby Lloyd Rains, Jeffrey Hurst
* Scene 10. Darby Lloyd Rains, Cindy West, Ashley Moore

This sizzler stars Darby Lloyd Rains, Linda Terry and Jim Rausch as a trio of roommates who have fallen desperately behind on their rent. So what is a trio of hippie-dippie lovebirds supposed to do to raise a little fast cash? How about make their own porno movie, of course! The three would-be pornstars enlist the aid of porno legend Georgina Spelvin to get their project off the ground, and the action just picks up from there. Throw in a subplot about lusty landlord Jeffrey Hurst, who’s started demanding sex from his tenants as payment, and you’ve got the makings of a real classic of early hardcore cinema.
Georgina lives up to her randy reputation in a pair of scenes, first with Darby in a steamy, highly charged lesbian tussle. Georgina then hooks up with Jeffrey and Marc Stevens in a riveting, ultra-enthusiastic double dip sequence that ranks as the video’s hottest. Georgina naturalistic appeal and utterly believable reactions drive both scenes thought the roof. Also well worth nothing is a first-rate performance from Darby, one of the earliest of the b-level porno starlets. Darby lends her skills to a trio of scenes, including the climactic three-way with Jeffery and Linda Terry that brings the whole thing to a torrid close.
Whether you’re a fan of Spelvin’s or just enjoy flicks from the earliest days of porn, this one’s a real treat from start to finish…No silicone, either!





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