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    Flying High With Tracy Adams (1987)

    aka 7e ciel

    Year: 1987
    Country: USA
    Genre: Classic
    Duration: 1:13:49

    Directed by: Bill Blackman
    Studio: Leisure Time Entertainment

    Starring: Actresses:
    Aleena Ferari (as Bambi Bee)
    Brittany Stryker
    Lisa Melendez
    Tracey Adams
    Damien Cashmere
    Dan T. Mann
    Ron Jeremy

    Description: Stewardess Tracey Adams has just been laid off for doin ‘it in the boy’s room, and she is mad and wants to get even. She engages her old friend Dan T. Mann, who has also been laid off for drinking, to help her trap her fellow pilots and stews, and get enough on them to get her job back. To sweeten the pot, she engages Mann in a hot opening number.

    Once this is out of the way Mann brings the remainder of the crew to his digs, and they manage to cool down from flying by doing some hot groundwork, while Adams photographs their dirty deeds. Needless to say, the pictures prove to be good enough to get Mann his job back, while Adams is left contemplating her future.

    Adams is listed as the “star” of this video, but appears in only one of the many sex scenes. Her job, after the first 10 minutes, is to hide and shoot, while everybody else gets to have fun. The video, nonetheless, is a hot romp.

    Scene Breakdowns:

    Scene 1. Tracey Adams, Dan T. Mann
    Scene 2. Aleena Ferari, Ron Jeremy
    Scene 3. Lisa Melendez, Tracey Adams
    Scene 4. Lisa Melendez, Damien Cashmere
    Scene 5. Aleena Ferari, Damien Cashmere
    Scene 6. Brittany Stryker, Dan T. Mann



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