Magma movie : Fontänen der Lust (1990s)


Actresses: Claudia Wonder (as Claudia, plays domina) Claudia Eckner (as Sonja), Tatjana (real first names), while the boxcover says „Claudia (Hamburg), Britta (Düsseldorf), Helen (Konstanz), Daggi (Dagmar) München“
Actors. The Cocks (you never see their faces closely but the constitution of the bodies indicate Joey Murphy and Hans Clemens (you see his face in the last scene).

The movie “Fontänen der Lust“ (Cat.No. V8832) was released by Magma in 1989. While the visual quality is quite good, the audio track is in sync but has some issues throughout the movie (very short dropouts). It´s slighty better when you turn your VLC player audio settings to mono. Dubbed German sound.



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