Forced Entry (1972) DVD

Director: Warren Evans (as Helmuth Richler)
Studio: Avon Video

Starring: Jutta David, Laura Cannon, Nina Fawcett, Ruby Runhouse, Russ Carlson, Harry Reems

Recently released from duty, a deranged Vietnam vet (porn superstar Harry Reems/Deep Throat) brings the carnage home with him and declares war on New York City’s female population. The no-name loner finds work at a one-pump gas station, where he is able to obtain information on customers that pay by credit card. Armed with his intended victims’ addresses, along with his trusty gun and knife and the sounds of a distant jungle battle screaming in his brain, the homicidal maniac forces his way into the homes of innocent young women…to act out his most violent psychosexual impulses.



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