Fury disco (1979)


Les confidences d’une petite culotte

Director : Michel Caputo as Antoine Sarrazin
Year: 1979
Country: France
Genre: Classic, All Sex
Duration: 1:28:00
Language: French

Cast :

Flore Sollier as Françoise Sollier plays Patricia Choiseul
Greta Woodstock plays Louise Choiseul
Michel David plays Jean-François Choiseul
Emmanuel d’Archangela plays Tommy Bertin
Richard Allan as Richard Lemieuvre plays Emmanuel the servant
Morgane as Morgane Fournier plays Colette the maid
Dominique Erlanger plays Ms Lutrin
Michel Caputo plays the inspector

Story In the family Choiseul, the husband, Jean-Franзois, a compositor, is spending all his time on his work where his wife, Patricia, and daughter, Louise, are bored. The husband asks Tommy Bertin to join him in his house to help him in his compositions. Immediately, wife and daughter fall in love with Tommy and he will take them in all kind of experiences far for their home. The husband helped by the servant will find a way to get rid of Tommy




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