Girls Who Love Girls 19 (1989)


Barbara Dare [LezOnly]
Nina Hartley [LezOnly]
Porsche Lynn [LezOnly]
Tami White [LezOnly]
Tanya Foxx [LezOnly]

It’s more lesbian merriment as we once again join some of the industry’s most luscious ladies in a carnal collection that goes above and beyond the call of decadent duty. Tanya Foxx heads the cast this time, delivering one of her hottest lesbian outings ever. Tanya was mainly known for her amorous anal activities, but she proves herself one ravenous Sapphic performer when paired up with a busty partner here. Barbara Dare also shines, letting loose with an unhinged and unbridled session that reaches the heights of lesbian lust. And with the legendary likes of Nina Hartley and Porsche Lynn also on hand, you can be sure that this is one scintillating sexvid that you’ll be watching again and again!




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