Growing Up (1975)


“There comes a time when young nublie bodies favor the fragrance of perfume and the slick, wet shine of nail polish…when sexual thoughts over-take young minds.
“GROWING UP tells the tale of Julie and Frank, a college-bound couple whose budding sexuality leads him into wild and uncontrollable adventures with their friends, as they experiment with fantasy and learn about the real responsibilities of true love.
“GROWING UP is brimming over with sizzling sex-capades and adult passion as Frank and Julie’s lives (and bodies) become entwined with a multitude of beautiful college guys and gals.

* Jo Anne Joy
* Julia Means
* Penny G.
* Tara Lane

* Mark Ranger
* Rick Luv



One thought on “Growing Up (1975)”

  1. Made in France, dubbed in English.

    Scene Breakdowns
    Scene 1. Chantal Fourquet, Richard Darbois
    Scene 2. Ellen Earl, Manu Pluton
    Scene 3. Anne Vareze, Maria Malone
    Scene 4. Anne Vareze, blonde, Ellen Earl, faceless brun, Maria Malone, Sylvia Bourdon, Carmelo Petix, Charlie Schreiner, Gilbert Servien, Manu Pluton, Pierre Danny
    Scene 5. Martine Grimaud, Charlie Schreiner
    Scene 6. Brigitte Monnin, Richard Darbois
    Scene 7. Laure Cottereau, Yves Collignon
    Scene 8. Ellen Earl, Manu Pluton
    Scene 9. Brigitte Monnin, Maria Malone, Richard Darbois
    Scene 10. Anne Vareze, Chantal Fourquet, Martine Grimaud
    Scene 11. Anne Vareze, Chantal Fourquet, Martine Grimaud, Charlie Schreiner
    Scene 12. Sylvia Bourdon, Manu Pluton
    Scene 13. Laure Cottereau, Yves Collignon

    American version (released in 1984) contains fake credits.
    Brigitte Monnin, Laure Cottereau, Richard Darbois, and Yves Collignon use body doubles for hardcore shots.
    Pierre Danny and Gilbert Servien have only softcore scenes.
    Anne Vareze and Maria Malone have only softcore boy/girl scenes.
    Carmelo Petix can be seen performing oral sex on Manu Pluton fleetingly during the orgy.

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