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    Hollywood Confidential (1996)



    Thomas Paine’s electrifying expose of the starlets, the studs, the bad and the beautiful who live, love and play in the hill and valleys of Lost Angels. The producers, directors, the young-do-anything honeys. The strange kinky sex soaked lives of the rich and famous that make Hollywood an obsession the world over.


    J.R. Carrington
    Jill Kelly
    Laura Palmer
    Rebecca Lord
    Stacy Valentine


    Dave Cummings
    Eric Price
    Rod Fontana
    Ron Jeremy [NonSex]
    Steve Drake
    Tony Tedeschi
    Vince Vouyer

    Scene Breakdowns

    Scene 1. J.R. Carrington, Rebecca Lord, Steve Drake
    Scene 2. Laura Palmer, Tony Tedeschi
    Scene 3. J.R. Carrington, Rebecca Lord
    Scene 4. Laura Palmer, Steve Drake
    Scene 5. Jill Kelly, Stacy Valentine, Eric Price, Steve Drake
    Scene 6. Laura Palmer, Rod Fontana, Vince Vouyer



    3 Responses to “Hollywood Confidential (1996)”

    • Speedy says:

      This is the first title with Jill Kelly, NOT the second with Rebecca Lord and Laura Palmer.

    • apopo says:

      The download 1Gb movie, without Stacy Valentine , also not the Scene Breakdowns as the text …… which is called Hollywood Confidential II (1996) in the IAFD.

    • BKnight07 says:

      The title is incorrect. The links are to the movie “Secrets of Stage 5” (1983).

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