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    Hot Circuit (1971)

    ?The Hot Circuit? takes you on a non-stop trip of sexual conduct, some acceptable and some totally bizarre! Hot women and horny men get into the depths of the sexual world we live in. There can be no holding back when you are on ?The Hot Circuit!?

    Richard Lerner

    * April Lace
    * Carol Orange [NonSex]
    * Dana Marlboro [NonSex]
    * Irene Foster [NonSex]
    * Joy Ball
    * Julie Love [NonSex]
    * Kit Fox
    * Mona Lott [NonSex]
    * Pris Teen
    * Sally Paradise
    * Simone Fallique

    * Elmo Hassel
    * Jack da Haven
    * Jack Dusquesne
    * Phil Luck [NonSex]
    * Rick Smith [NonSex]
    * Shokan Hill

    Scene Breakdowns:
    * Scene 1 Stripper and Salesman: Sally Paradise, Jack Dusquesne
    * Scene 2 Salesman and Babysitter: Joy Ball, Kit Fox, Jack Dusquesne
    * Scene 3 Babysitter and Adventuress: Kit Fox, Simone Fallique
    * Scene 4 Adventuress and Woodcutter: Simone Fallique, Steven Hill
    * Scene 5 Woodcutter and Nymph: Pris Teen, Steven Hill
    * Scene 6 Nymph and Producer: Pris Teen, Elmo Hassel
    * Scene 7 Producer and Girl Friday: April Lace, Elmo Hassel [SoftcoreOnly]
    * Scene 8 Girl Friday and Hustler: April Lace, Jack da Haven
    * Scene 9 Hustler and Stripper: Sally Paradise, Jack da Haven





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