Hot Cookies (1977)

Special visitors to the back room of Nelson’s Bookstore see the mysterious enchantress Serena make erotic paintings come to life. The scenes include Abigail as a slumming rich bitch; two Victorian lesbians who start off slowly, then come to an absolutely full boil; a parody of “Rocky” and Joey Silvera as a painter getting it on with a gorgeous Scandinavian (Anna Karenya) model!

Howard Ziehm (as Albert Wilder)

Abigail Clayton [IR]
Anne Magle (as Anna Karenya)
Isolde Jensen [LezOnly]
Lenore Grant [LezOnly]
Moira Donovan
Serena [Facial]

Bill Chambers
Henry Lambert
Joey Silvera
Ken Scudder
Rich Johnson

Scene Breakdowns:
Scene 1. Serena
Scene 2. Abigail Clayton
Scene 3. Abigail Clayton, Guy
Scene 4. Abigail Clayton, Girl
Scene 5. Abigail Clayton, Guy
Scene 6. Abigail Clayton, black guy
Scene 7. Anne Magle, Joey Silvera
Scene 8. Isolde Jensen, Lenore Grant
Scene 9. Moira Donovan, Guy
Scene 10. Serena, Ken Scudder



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