Hotel Lesbos (1986)


Godemichets pour lesbiennes (1986)

A luxury hotel that serves as a home for many beautiful girls is the scene of some of the most passionate love-making ever seen on video.

Michele Leska (as Candy)
Chantal Trobert (as Chantal)
Dominique Saint Claire (as Dominique St-Clair)
Isabelle Lagrange
Laura Clair
Marilyn Jess
Melissa Bonsardo (as Melissa)

Scene Breakdowns:
Scene 1. Michele Leska, Laura Clair
Scene 2. Marilyn Jess
Scene 3. Laura Clair, Marilyn Jess
Scene 4. Chantal Trobert, Dominique Saint Claire, Melissa Bonsardo, Prisca
Scene 5. Chantal Trobert, Marilyn Jess
Scene 6. Isabelle Lagrange, Melissa Bonsardo
Scene 7. Chantal Trobert, Dominique Saint Claire, Marilyn Jess, Melissa Bonsardo
Scene 8. Laura Clair, Marilyn Jess



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