House of Sleeping Beauties 1 (1992)


Imagine a place where you could sleep next to the woman of your dreams. And dream your most erotic thoughts. And awaken fully satisfied. Welcome to the House of Sleeping Beauties. Where you’ll be laying beside Jamie Summers or perhaps Madison or Flame. The rest is up to you.

Paul Thomas

* Flame
* Francesca Le [Anal]
* Jamie Summers
* Madison
* Paula Harlow [NonSex]
* Savannah [NonSex]

* Marc Wallice
* Steve Drake
* Tom Byron
* Tom Chapman [NonSex]

Scene Breakdowns:
* Scene 1. Madison, Steve Drake
* Scene 2. Francesca Le, Tom Byron
* Scene 3. Jamie Summers, Marc Wallice
* Scene 4. Flame, Jamie Summers, Marc Wallice



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