Hunger (1993)


Director Henri Packard explores the dark side of sexual longing in this daring drama. The Hunger is where the eternal triangle takes on a whole new dimension!

Henri Pachard

Chris Collins
Nikki Shane (as Nikki Chaps)
Ona Z (as Ona Zee) [IR]
Rebecca Wild (as Rebecca Wilde)

F.M. Bradley
Jon Dough
Marc Wallice
Tom Byron

Scene Breakdowns
Scene 1. Ona Z, F.M. Bradley
Scene 2. Rebecca Wild, Jon Dough
Scene 3. Chris Collins, Jon Dough
Scene 4. Rebecca Wild, Tom Byron
Scene 5. Nikki Shane, Marc Wallice
Scene 6. Ona Z, Jon Dough
Scene 7. Ona Z, Rebecca Wild
Scene 8. Rebecca Wild, Jon Dough




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