Im Club der geilen Mösen (1990)

Director: Charles Belrose

onscreen credits without database reference (yet)
Mary Gala, Anna Linn, Conny Blank
Franz Herold, Toni Immer, Horst Gewicht, Hannes, Löffel, Harry Lecker, Udo Fröhlich

Actresses: Mara Bonner, Sofia [HVP 32], Conny Blank (brunette)
Actors :

scene breakdowns
Scene 1 – Sofia [watersports], while her hubby is watching
Scene 2 – Sofia licked her hubby , Mara Bonner [non sex]
Scene 3 – Sofia, Mara Bonner, 3 guys
Scene 4 – Mara Bonner, Conny Blank, 2 guys (fetish scene)
Scene 5 – Sofia, guy
Scene 5 – Sofia, Conny Blank, [lez], with Mara Bonner joining later
Scene 6 – Sofia, Conny Blank, Mara Bonner, 3 guys

Scene 4 + 5 are intercut

The genre movie „Touch Me Nr. 14 – Im Club der geilen Mösen“
was released by Viola in 1990. German language.
The are two trailers at the end showing:
Ginette Faberge – Enthüllungen einer sexbesessenen Frau (feat. Sofia), a.o.
Viola Anal Nr. 1 – Arschficker Unter Sich (feat. Armin Beck, Angi Baletti, Heidi [HVP 25])





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