Inside Jennifer Welles (1977)

Jennifer Welles Jennifer Welles …
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Ken Anderson Ken Anderson …
Dr. Ward
Peter Andrews Peter Andrews …
Bert’s Roommate
Cheri Baines Cheri Baines …
Miss Haskell
James Chin James Chin …
David Ching David Ching …
Victor Colicchio Victor Colicchio …
Bert Hanson (as Pepe)
Mike De Marco Mike De Marco …
Cab Driver
David Dell David Dell …
Bearded Tuxedo Guy
Michael Gaunt Michael Gaunt …
Tuxedo Guy #5
David Innis David Innis …
First Guy with Jennifer (as Dave Innis)
Robert Kerman Robert Kerman …
Projectionist (as Richard Bolla)
Philip Marlowe Philip Marlowe …
Tuxedo Guy #6 (as Phil Marlow)
Teddy Ngai Teddy Ngai …
Bobby Niles Bobby Niles …
Eric – Tuxedo Guy #1

  • Scene 1. Jennifer Welles, Dave Innis
  • Scene 2. Jennifer Welles, Mike DeMarco
  • Scene 3. Jennifer Welles, R. Bolla
  • Scene 4. Jennifer Welles, Ken Anderson
  • Scene 5. Cheri Baines, Jennifer Welles
  • Scene 6. Cheri Baines, Ken Anderson
  • Scene 7. Jennifer Welles, Pepe, Peter Andrews
  • Scene 8. Jennifer Welles, Marlene Willoughby
  • Scene 9. Jennifer Welles, Gilbert Palmitier
  • Scene 10. Marlene Willoughby
  • Scene 11. Jennifer Welles, Carter Stevens
  • Scene 12. Jennifer Welles, Bobby Niles, David Ruby, David Dell, David Pierce, Michael Gaunt, Michael Thorpe, Philip Marlowe
  • Scene 13. Jennifer Welles, David Ching, James Chin, Moory Ang Park, Teddy Ngai

AVN Top 500 – Jennifer Welles is unstoppable in her pursuit of happiness. Jennifer Welles puts all of her freakiest fantasies into her farewell feature film. Her exhausting display of erotica in this stunning 80s gem leaves the audience positively gasping for breath.





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