Inside Olinka (1985)

Also Known As
Inside Marilyn (original German release)

Inside Olinka is a fascinating probe (in more ways than one) into the mind and body of Marilyn Monroe’s alter ego, Olinka. After years of being called Marilyn, cute Monroe look-alike Olinka finally throws in the towel and accepts the nickname. To her surprise, from that point on her sex life soars off the Richter scale. There are few men who can resist the challenge of seducing and bedding this sensationally beautiful blonde bombshell. Taking advantage of her newfound opportunities, Marilyn displays her tantalising oral talents on a well-hung one-night-stand. Then it’s off to a photography session where some horny models make sure something delicious develops after everyone is exposed! As Marilyn’s outrageous sexathon continues, her millionaire boyfriend and a kinky hustler take her for more than just a spin in a new Rolls Royce. What follows is a sensuous and erotic excursion into the swinging sex clubs of Europe. Holding nothing back, Marilyn proves to be real porno-diva at a no-holes-barred orgy that finally gets to the carnal core – Inside Marilyn. Sexy starlet Olinka is the leading lady in this film. Not only does she participates in the most erotic scenes of the movie, but her performance is one to justify the title, and her red-hot reputation. Women can have a taste of Marilyn, as she loves them every bit as much as men: they can have fun either alone, or accompanied by one or more men or women. She is there to please, and be pleased. The other female performers of the movie are doing their best, which is considerable, but still none of them quite hold the viewer’s attention as Olinka does. She is great to watch – and there’s plenty of Olinka in the movie.

Director:     Walter Molitor (Moli)


Britta Stine uncredited, plays a model
Domenica Petrini
Eleonore Melzer non-sex
Karine Hornel
Manuela Schwarz
Marianne Wackerle plays a model
Olinka Hardiman
Patricia Pasquale uncredited, in final orgy scene
Renate Putz
Susie Obermaier
Uschi Horn
Uschi Karnat plays street hooker
Veronica Moser
XNK0191 nightclub singer, non-sex

Credited males:

Peter Schuster
Siggi Buchner
Werner Singh plays the photographer
Gerard Lippard





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  1. Hello! 🙂
    Could you tell me if the audio of this movie is the original one? I have this movie, but in english (the original version is in german)…

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