Inside Olinka (1985)

Also Known As
Inside Marilyn (original German release)

Director:     Walter Molitor (Moli)


Britta Stine uncredited, plays a model
Domenica Petrini
Eleonore Melzer non-sex
Karine Hornel
Manuela Schwarz
Marianne Wackerle plays a model
Olinka Hardiman
Patricia Pasquale uncredited, in final orgy scene
Renate Putz
Susie Obermaier
Uschi Horn
Uschi Karnat plays street hooker
Veronica Moser
XNK0191 nightclub singer, non-sex

Credited males:

Peter Schuster
Siggi Buchner
Werner Singh plays the photographer
Gerard Lippard

Scene 1. Olinka, Peter Schuster
Scene 2. Unknown Female 212602-A, Gerard Luig
Scene 3. Olinka, Peter Schuster
Scene 4. Olinka, Sandra Nova
Scene 5. Olinka, Peter Schuster
Scene 6. Unknown Female 212602-C, Peter Schuster
Scene 7. Olinka, Hans Kurt Preuss
Scene 8. Olinka, Veronica Moser, Hans Kurt Preuss
Scene 9. Britta Stine, Olinka
Scene 10. Unknown Female 212602-D, Olinka, Siggi Buchner
Scene 11. Unknown Female 212602-D, Unknown Female 212602-E, Karine Hornel, Patricia Pasquale, Sandra Nova, others
Scene 12. Unknown Female 212602-D, Unknown Female 212602-E, Karine Hornel, Olinka, Patricia Pasquale, Sandra Nova, Hans Kurt Preuss, others, Siggi Buchner


English Version

German Version


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  1. Hello! 🙂
    Could you tell me if the audio of this movie is the original one? I have this movie, but in english (the original version is in german)…

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