Jennys Bizarr Job (1989)

Actresses: Marianne Sperber (as Inge Streitz) , Senta Svon (as Jenny B.), Maren Buchholz
Actors: Rolf Streitz

scene breakdowns
Scene 1 – Marianne Sperber, Senta Svon, Rolf Streitz
Scene 2 – Senta Svon, Maren Buchholz [lez, watersports]

The genre movie „Bizarr – Jennys Bizarr Job” (Cat.No. 9003) was released by Happy Star Video [Dr. Vollbrecht subsidiary] in 1989. Seems like this tape was copied several times (grainy picture) before I owned my copy from a Videostore. Nevertheless this movie is quite rare showing German cuties Marianne Sperber and Senta Svon in kinky performances. German language. There is a trailer at the end showing Marianne Sperber, Senta Svon a.o. in “Fist – Piss – Lesben” [1989] (feat. lots of bondage and watersports action).





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