John Holmes The Big Ride (1970)

Year: 1970
Country: USA
Genre: All Sex
Length: 00:55:11
Language: English

Cast:Edith Johnson,
Elena Marie,
Janet Cocksmith,
Nancy Jameson,
Sally curls,
Samantha Shadow,
Sandra Jessica,
Sara Precious,
Shirley Summers,
Suzy Jose,
Adam Grizzly,
Edgar Fro,
Fred Azaria,
John Holmes

Description: He was King. His name was John Holmes. Like Babe Ruth, he swung the biggest bat in the business, and seemed to hit a home run every time he came up. No other man should ever measure up to ”The Wadd”. He left his co-stars breathless and changed forever the experience of his massive tool! We honor John by presenting this collection to his loyal fans!




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